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Kundali Bhagya Written Update Ep 1052 2nd September 2021: Sonakshi pays a visit to Luthra Mansion

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Sherlyn greets them both. Karina says that life changes in one moment. She had planned so much for the children but now is angry at Preeta. Sherlyn seeing Kritika passing says some people think that she overreacted. She says when she said some things about Preeta, Kritika got mad at her. Kritika tells Sherlyn to also say what she told her. She says Sherlyn told her she doesn’t belong here as she is married and should go to her husband’s house. Karina questions Sherlyn if she said this to Kritika. Sherlyn says that Kritika twisted her hand and still has nail marks on her hand. She says Kritika blamed her for ruining the family.

Sherlyn explains why will she try to provoke everyone against Preeta as even she is part of the family. She says she was the happiest when she realized that Preeta was pregnant as she had lost her child and wanted to raise Preeta’s child as her own. Sherlyn says she needed her husband’s support during such time but he was also not there. She tells Kritika that she considers her as a sister, so what’s wrong if she said few things to her. Rakhi comes explaining that they say things that they don’t mean. She apologises to Karina and Kritika if they were hurt by Sherlyn. Sherlyn says they are a huge family, so small fights are bound to happen.

Someone rings the doorbell. After opening the door everyone is shocked to see that it’s Sonakshi. Karan asks why she is here. Daddy in anger questions why has she come here. Sonakshi says she knows they don’t want her here, but she had to come one day so that there are no hard feelings when they meet in future. Rakhi says they want to keep the past in past and not remember it. Sonakshi says she is going back to London, so wanted to apologise to Preeta. She rushes towards Preeta, but Preeta tells her to not worry as she is not angry at her. She says she has no hard feelings for her. Sonakshi says she thought that she lost Preeta just like she lost her elder sister. Preeta says she will always be there when she needs her. Sonakshi leaves after apologising.

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