The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev telling Sanjana that they are looking for a good interior designer and they have liked her designs. He asks Sanjana she had a perfect job with other builders than why did she come here. Sanjana says she felt inclined. Dev says he is glad she will be joining Ishwari enterprises and he will call HR so they can give her the employment letter. Sanjana is telling her friend over the phone that there is a taxi strike. Dev who is passing by stops and asks why is wrong. After realising about the strike Dev offers to drop her, Sanjana agrees. Dev and Sanjana listen to match commentary on the radio. Dev says they will lose if the players keep playing like this. Dev gets out of the car as he suspects the tire to be punctured. After assuring everything is well he gets back inside.

Sonakshi passing by notices Dev in the car with Sanjana having a good time. She remembers what Alena said. Sonakshi wonders who the woman is as Dev never gets so comfortable with any woman. Radha introduces Anita to Ishwari. Ishwari asks Radha if she is her secret detective. Radha explains she knows everything and asks Anita who is Dr Navia Anand. Anita tells them that Dr Navia Anand is a marriage counsellor. Who specializes in reducing stress in the lives of married couples. Ishwari says she told Sonakshi to use her new methods to mend their relationship but she didn’t know Sonakshi will take her son to a doctor as if he is mentally ill.

At home Dev returns, Sonakshi asks Dev about the woman he was with. Dev in serious tone jokes that she has found about both of them. He then smiles and asks her if this is what she thinks. Sonakshi says it was a stupid joke. Dev says it is adorable as she is getting jealous even after so many years. He says that the woman she saw was the one who took his bouquet and now she is a new joinee in the office. Sonakshi says they both were giving high five. Dev says they got excited after seeing the match scores. In the morning Ishwari gives prasad to Sonakshi. Rakha says a women’s daughter in law filled for divorce after taking such therapy and asked for alimony. Ishwari says Sonakshi won’t do anything as such as she was separated before but didn’t ask for anything.

Sajana enters Dev’s office he gives her an appointment letter. He mentions that she is now an official member of the company and will soon get her cabin. Sajana checks the salary and says it is more than what she expected. Dev says they know how to reward talent. Sanjana says she has few designs that she would like to discuss with him. Dev turns the laptop to show her the details of the project.

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