Kartik Aryan’s Fitness Trainer Samir Jaura Shares Few Important Exercises: Kartik Aryan’s fitness trainer Samir Jaura has advised to do some special exercises. These exercises will not only help you to lose weight but will also help in getting the body in shape.

Let us tell you that Sameer Joura has been a celebrity fitness trainer for almost thirty years. He has also trained Farhan Akhtar before Karthik. In this time, he is helping Karthik to get the desired shape for his new project.

push-ups –

Push-ups work great in increasing the strength of the upper body. They work on the muscles of your chest, shoulders and arms as well as are beneficial for your lower back. Start with regular push-ups and then gradually come to weight push-ups.

pull-ups –

Pull-ups not only strengthen your back, shoulders and arms, but also improve the grip of your hands. By doing these, you can increase your performance in many sports as well.

Squats –

Squats prove to be very helpful to get your lower body in shape and toned. This also reduces the risk of injury to a great extent. If squats are done properly, then many calories can be consumed from them.

Skipping –

Skipping is a great cardio exercise. That is why most fitness experts definitely include it in the routine. This gives exercise to the whole body.

Joura also talks about paying full attention to rest and recovery during exercise. If you get tired, stop and if you get hurt, take a break until you recover. Apart from this, take care of your food as well, only then you will get the desired shape.

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