The episode of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai starts with Vibhuti talking to Angoori. Angoori asks Vibhuti to go as Saxena asks men not to talk to any lady or they will be punished. Vibhuti says he is not scared of anyone. Vibhuti says Saxena has become a president because of Vibhuti’s hard work and has no guts to say anything to him. Saxena’s guard comes from behind. Angoori says she warned Vibhuti, but he did not listen to her and will not have to bear the punishment. Vibhuti says he is not scared of anyone and will smash Saxena’s guard with his left hand. The guard taps on Vibhuti’s back. Vibhuti looks at him and worries. Vibhuti asks Angoori to go inside as she has a lot of work to do. Angoori leaves.

Vibhuti opens his shirt and the guard trashes him. Anita goes into the market and waits for an auto. Tiwari comes from behind. He remembers Saxena’s new rule but he says Anita is more important than anything and goes to talk to her. Anita asks Tiwari to go away or Saxena’s guard will punish. Tiwari says he is not scared of anyone. The guard comes from behind. Anita wishes him good luck and leaves. Tiwari opens his shirt and the guard trashes him.

Later, Anita is fomenting Vibhuti’s back. She asks Vibhuti why he had to talk to any lady. Vibhuti says he was talking to Angoori bhabhi and not flirting with her. Tiwari tells Angoori that Saxena cannot be a good President and cries in pain.

The next day, Vibhuti talks to someone and says that he should take some action against Saxena’s new law. He thinks of meeting Tiwari. Vibhuti goes out and sees Angoori. The guard comes there. Vibhuti tells the guard that he wants to talk about something important. A man comes to Vibhuti as a child and says that the law does not apply to him as he is small yet and asks Vibhuti to tell him what he wants to ask Angoori. Vibhuti asks the man to ask Angoori if Tiwari is at home. The man lies to Angoori and says something which makes Angoori feel bad. Angoori leaves. Vibhuti keeps calling Angoori. The guard comes and trashes Vibhuti.

The man does the same with Tiwari and Anita. Anita gets angry and leaves. Tiwari tries to stop her. The guard comes and beats him.

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