Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has a major problem, like other online multiplayer games, which are people who try to cheat to gain an advantage. While they may make the game easier for themselves, they do not make the game enjoyable for others. To keep the game fair for all, Crafton regularly bans players who use hacks or cheats as part of its Ban Pan initiative. It publishes weekly reports on the number of banned accounts. The company has now published its fourth report for this. Also Read – Best 5 Battleground Mobile India Guns To Get Maximum Kills

In its fourth anti-cheat report from August 20 to August 26, Crafton said it had banned a total of 1,95,423 accounts for using illegal software. Comparatively the numbers have come down by 28 per cent from the previous report. In total, developers have banned nearly 1 million accounts for fraud since July 30. Also Read – 5 Best Free Android Games to Play This Summer

Crafton currently bans players from looking for irregular activity on an account or if they find a player guilty of using unfair means after reporting them using the in-game reporting mechanism. Also Read – PUBG New State iOS Pre-Registration Now Live: How To Pre-Booking

“Battlegrounds Mobile India will endeavor to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eliminating the use of illegal programs to provide you with an enjoyable gaming environment,” Crafton said in a statement.

The company has said that it imposes permanent bans on cheaters and hackers every day. This report is just to tell all players how many cheats have been banned during the week. Also, Crafton has not disclosed the breakdown of banned players and has only disclosed the number of players.


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